A new paradigm for understanding disease: The cell danger response (CDR) is evolutionarily conserved metabolic response that protects cells and host from harm. The author is UC San Diego professor Robert Naviaux, MD, PhD.

Dr Naviaux’s research focuses on the CDR mechanism that allows a cell to sense danger that may be caused by viruses or bacteria.

The danger response cascade that the body triggers can be broken up into steps that occur in succession: 

1. Detection of pathogens molecular pattern

2. Activation of transcription factors (copying RNA) that can activate or suppress inflammation-promoting genes while suppressing other essential genes involved in repair pathways.

3. Regulation of an antiviral pathway that allows our body’s immune system to help fight infections. 

4. Secretion of inflammatory immune messengers to induce immune cells to fight the infection.

This series of events helps cells to fight off disease, if however it goes for too long or is not properly regulated chronic conditions may ensue. This can be attributed by a chronic inflammatory response.

Many diseases can arise from prolonged inflammation as a result of an unregulated CDR.

What can you do?

You can follow few easy steps:

Eating a healthy tailored diet, resolving digestive issues, exercising regularly, and managing your stress response is essential to modulate and reduce CDR.

Normalize the immune system response through dietary and supplement intervention will allow your body to be more effective at fighting off infections.

Reduce the toxic load coming from the environment, food and UV radiation.

The use of antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, manganese, selenium, copper, zinc are beneficial. You can however use organic foods many of which are rich in polyphenols that are found in many organic fruits and particularly organic vegetables.

You can look at your family past and present illnesses to have a brief look into a possible genetic predisposition to inflammatory diseases or infection.

You can work with a nutritionist, natural doctor or functional medicine practitioner to address any cause you may encounter.

Below is the link to the paper pdf.

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