Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, rather than simply the absence of disease and infirmity.

Nutrition, lifestyle and genetics all play a role in living a long and healthy life.

Hooporganic’s concept is to enable clients to make changes that improve their health and wellbeing.

Hooporganic considers food, relaxation, sleep, digestion, balance, gut and mental health, hormone balance and exercise to be essential for a long, happy, and healthy life.

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I was born and raised in Italy, a nation where food and sunshine are a way of life. I have spent twenty years travelling widely, immersing myself in many cultures throughout the world, trying diverse meals and cuisines while learning from hundreds of years of culinary evolution. I learnt Spanish and English, as well as the wonders of Asian traditional medicine and philosophy, as a result of this experience. During one of these trips, I saw an improvement in my health difficulties while in Japan. When I thought about what may have helped me, I realized that the primary difference was a different diet and specifically the absence of certain foods. When I returned home and resumed my usual diet, the difficulties reappeared. I went on to study Nutrition at the Irish Institute for Nutrition and Health (IINH) and learnt more about the role that lifestyle and environment play in health and disease.

For my clients

At Hooporganic, the objective is to addresses the root causes of your problems while also addressing your symptoms. We do so by working with you to create a nutritional program.
I examine your lifestyle and environment, and I address the effect your diet has on you.
I provide simple and tasty recipes and I offer you regular support throughout these changes.
I also use laboratory testing to better understand your imbalances and tailor a long-term dietary plan that is successful, achievable and sustainable.

Spirit of collaboration

Food, environment and our unique biochemistry all play a role in our health.
I have discovered how much our surroundings affect us. Stress, work load, sleep deprivation and exposure to environmental toxins may all have an adverse effect on one’s health.
Since then, I have used genetics, biochemistry, food science and culinary tradition to create complete and attainable dietary plans for my customers.

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