Inflammation is used by the immune system to repair and restore loss or damaged tissues, it generates metabolic actions to restore the body homeostasis.

Inflammation can be helpful when the body carries injuries as a result of sport activity, if there is an infection whereas the immune system fights foreign invaders.

Inflammation is detected by the four traditional markers : redness, heat, pain, and swell

Many laboratory tests may not detect low grade inflammation since different biochemical markers are released.

Chronic inflammation reduces nutrients in the body, disregulate hormonal activity, digestive function and most of the time is the result of digestive imbalances, environmental toxins, processed food, lifestyle choices.

Chronic inflammation is involved in Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, cardiovascular disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBD amongst many other dysfunctions.

In clinic we will work on:

  • addressing the possible origin
  • dietary and environmental perpetuators
  • events that may have lead to Chronic Inflammation.

We will analyse the digestive tract functionality, energy and sleep pattern, emotional stress, physical exhaustion, nutrients status.

Foods and dietary changes can provide nutrients for our immune system to deal with the environment; addressing lack of sleep and its metabolic effects on systemic inflammation can allow for correction.

We will discuss food that can help reduce inflammation and those that are not helpful.

Any persistent discomfort can be, if protracted in time, be a factor in inflammatory disease whether is chronic constipation to persistent headaches.