Hooporganic offers corporate nutrition programs aimed t your employee health, wellbeing and productivity

I work with businesses to tailor corporate nutrition programs to your employees needs.



Live seminars & webinars

Francesco Polito of Hooporganic has been working with important businesses having delivered varied Nutritional presentations on a variety of topics. 

  • Educating employee on the relation between food and the body.
  • Sessions cover the latest nutritional science.
  • Hands on classes to empower employees’ nutritional changes.
  • Employee education through the use of simple concepts.

Private Nutritional Coaching

I offer onsite or virtual nutrition consultations for your employees. These consultation will allow employees to make sustainable changes to their diet and improve their health.

Each nutritional session includes:

  • A tailored dietary and supplement plan
  • A follow up consultation 
  • Recipes and food charts


Employee benefits:

  • Improved health 
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Increased concentration
  • Improved mental health
  • A better understanding of nutrition
  • Use food and cooking 

Workplace benefits:

  • Increased team morale
  • Increased resilience to stress
  • Increased motivation, satisfaction and workplace engagement
  • Reduced costs associated with sick day, lack of productivity
  • Improve the company’s image
  • Fulfil corporate social responsibility.

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