The DNA carries genetic information to make things happening in the body. DNA explains the variation in body shapes, color of the eyes and reflects our parent’s traits.

The DNA however it has another important function that can define our health status. Inheriting a genetic trait for high cholesterol for example can explain high level of cholesterol in people that would otherwise have normal levels.

Genes are the basic units of heredity that pass genetic information over generations. The structure of genes and its alterations are studied in genetics.

In epigenetics, the modifications of the gene expression can affect your health.

We can think of a Gene as the hardware while the Epigenetics represent the software of an imaginary computer.

A gene can be expressed or silenced but in most cases cannot be changed. The modification of gene expression can however be influenced.

This can be done by modifying or regulating the diet, adjusting the lifestyle, and understand the environment in which the gene express itself.

What we at Hoop Organic offer is the following:

Explanation of your genetic results with tailored dietary plan 50€ 

  • We will explain what the results really means in dietary terms
  • How to implement changes in a balanced manner
  • Which foods can benefit your genetic predisposition
  • How the genetic predispositions relates to each other in order to tailor a nutritional change  
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In depth nutritional consultation based on your genetic profile 150€

  • We will discuss how the genetic results affect your current health situation
  • You will fill out a detailed health questionnaire
  • We will implement nutritional and lifestyle changes aimed at resolving your health issue
  • You will be able to understand how food will affect your health in the future
  • We will prioritize your health issues using the genetic raw data not included in the report
  • You will be able to investigate how the environment will affect every body system based on your genetic blueprint 
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